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  • Low noise level
  • Easy commissioning
  • Graduated scale for damper position

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TSK is mainly used in rectangular ventilation ducts for shut-off, volume flow and pressure control. The damper meets the requirements for air permeability class 3.


TSK is delivered as a 50mm width and height module as standard, and is equipped with guide spigot. Actuator is available as accessory. On request, the damper can be supplied with a flange spigot or adapted to fit circular ducts. The damper is also available in air permeability class 4. Max. dimensions, complete damper unit: W=2600 x H=2000 The damper's operating temperature is 100°C max.

Materials and surface Coating

Frame profiles are made in galvanised steel, whereas the damper profiles are in an aluminium design and equipped with silicone moulding for air tightness. The damper shaft is made in Zytel Super Tough nylon and the bushings in Delrin.